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Monday, January 10, 2005


So we went to see Closer this weekend, a really exciting Saturday night ;-)

And the verdict is... undecided...

The acting is great, the story is interesting, but it is a very difficult movie to really like. None of the characters are likeable at all. I never thought I would see Julia Roberts in a role like this, it is strange to see her play a role where she is so vulnerable, but so unlikeable at the same time. Jude Law's character is a bit of a loser in this movie, as far as I am concerned anyway, but not in the sympathetic way. He brings it all on himself and then sort of feels sorry about it, but not really enough for you to care. Clive Owen plays a character that is also not that likeable, but he does sort of end up running the show, so he has some strength. Natalie Portman's charcater is probably the one you will end up liking the most, but she is still quite deceptive and she proves it with her little "twist" that gets revealed in the end. All in all a really good movie, but I just don't know if I really liked or enjoyed it.

We also rented Garden State on Friday night, another movie starring Natalie Portman. This was written and directed by Zach Braff of Scrubs fame, he stars in the movie as well. This is a really good movie. It is so original and fun, but it also has a great message. Don't do drugs! Well, perscription drugs, anyway. The songs in this movie are great, too...

One more movie going point to make before I am through. I bet that this is the all-time most common rant by movie-goers. Why can't people in movie theatres SHUT UP? Why do you pay $10.00 to go to a movie and talk when you can stay home and do that for free? There was this one woman in Closer and she must have been around 50 so you would think she would know better. A scene in the movie has two characters chatting in cyberspace and their conversation becomes sexually explicit, to say the least. So of course they show the words close up on the screen so you can read them. For some reason this woman felt that the rest of the theatre needed her to read them out loud to us. If it wasn't so funny to hear I would have turned around and told her to zip it. I was going to ask her if they only let her out every 3 years or so to go to the movies but I guess that would have been mean. I wonder if they have theatres where you can actually wear headphones to hear the movie? If not it is my idea, you saw it here first!


Blogger katielady said...

Both excellent movies! I totally agree with your opinion on Closer. It was good, and I don't think I wasted my money, but it was stellar or anything.

Garden State is soon to become a cult-classic, I think. Like this generations Dazed and Confused.

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