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Thursday, December 23, 2004


It is almost time to take off for the holidays... I can't wait... I think I will be off for 12 days in total, and only 4 of those are actual vacation days. Pretty sweet...

So, I guess a nice holiday wish is in order? Maybe we could all wish for something good and it might happen? Let's think about it really hard and maybe after Christmas it will have happened and we will all feel really good. Until then I guess we should all just hang out with our families, maybe our friends, our pets, a rock, who knows...

If Ricky has taught us anything, besides the fact that God and Santa are not the same guy, it's that Christmas is about hanging out with your family. Who can argue with that?



Blogger Johnnie Walker said...

Happy New Year! :)

I just stopped by to shamelessly ask for your vote for the BoB award I've been nominated for. Make sure to cast your vote for Nite Owl. Thanks! :)


[By the way, I found you on the list of folks who have "blogmarked" me on BE.]

12:46 AM


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