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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Online Shopping Woes...

Well, I don't like to rant on here too much, it is not very productive... but anyway, here I go... (actually this topic has come up a few times before, but today's experience forced me to bring it up yet again...)

I am doing pretty good this year when it comes to my Christmas shopping. I have a few things left to get but all in all I am very happy. So this morning I was searching around for a few things online and I was happy to find some great gifts that were right in my price range. So I go through the whole process of filling in the forms to set up an account, and then I get to the final page and I see that it is going to cost $21 to ship the item to my house. The item in question costs all of $16.99. Well, needless to say I closed out of that one. Another online sale lost at the checkout page. I really don't understand the value of online shopping when retailers charge so much for shipping.

So then I go to another website and find the same item for the same price. There is a possibility of free shipping depending on a few things, blah blah blah... Anyway, I just want to find out how much they will charge to ship so I go through the entire process and fill in all the forms, etc... and once I get to the last page it decides to tell me that they will not ship this particular item to my location.... thanks for coming out... see ya later.

Strike 2 for the online shopping today. What gets me is that I am computer literate and I use the internet for just about everything. I usually understand things the first time. I enjoy it and I want to buy things online... No lines or hustle and bustle for me... But why does this type of thing have to happen so often? Imagine if this was your first online shopping experience... Would you even bother to ever try it again? I doubt it...


Blogger ScottMackDaddy said...

Hmm...ranting like your sister!
I agree 100%, why is something a great deal on the internet, but the shipping cost is never very clear for some reason. When you go through all the forms and pages to fill the order out you suddenly find the steal of a deal to have shipping costs making it less then a deal.
Worst offender is the Columbia House page...they let you fill out the order, but never advise of how much the order is until it shows up in the mailbox, usually for 20$ more then you thought it would be

3:49 PM

Blogger suki said...

Yup, I definitely can't stand that aspect of online shopping. They try to make the profit off the shipping because you know very well that it doesn't cost that much to ship an item normally... I often wonder where they come up with those numbers...and really, they probably have an entire department of people to figure out ways to juice the customers for all they're worth...

4:29 PM

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