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Friday, December 03, 2004

It Can't Be Nashville Every Night...

But tonight it is, here in Saint John... We are really looking forward to seeing The Tragically Hip again, it will no doubt be a great concert. I have been looking over their setlists from this tour and I am really happy with what I have seen. They will play a lot of their new stuff that I don't know as well, but they will also play a lot of their more well known songs.
So here is my setlist, in my opinion this would be a perfect Hip concert:
  1. Music @ Work (the perfect opening song, imho, especially for a Friday night concert)
  2. Vaccination Scar (they will open with this)
  3. Grace Too (this will be second, a great song)
  4. 38 Years Old (I think it would be an awesome followup to Grace, really mix things up)
  5. Silver Jet
  6. Ahead By a Century
  7. Fully Completely
  8. Scared (a little break after some rockin songs)
  9. Fireworks (get it going again)
  10. 100th Meridian (where the Great Plains begin)
  11. It Can't Be Nashville Every Night
  12. The Darkest One (I love this song, the video is excellent)
  13. Wheat Kings (I know, three slow songs? But Wheat Kings is great)
  14. Gus: The Polar Bear from Central Park (a cool tune)
  15. Small Town Bringdown (from their first album, a great song but they won't play it)
  16. Twist My Arm (I love the guitar in this one, but they won't play it)
  17. Locked in The Trunck of a Car (Let Me Out!)
  18. Bobcaygeon (sort of slow, but it will get us primed up for the big finale)
That would be awesome, now for the encore:
  1. Little Bones (Baby Eat This Chicken Slow!)
  2. Blow at High Dough (they usually end the show with this one)
  3. Courage
  4. Another Midnight (my favourite Hip song, I really hope they play this one)
And that is a wrap. That my friends, is a great concert. Either way it will be great, I will have to check on my list tomorrow to see how close I am. I do know that they won't play three or four of these but thats ok, plus, 22 songs is a lot to ask for but it is a wish list after all...
And the river don't sleep
When the water runs cold
And the calendar burns
As the story unfolds
And the valley spans miles
When the mountain stands high
Can't they let us run wild
For another midnight


Blogger ScottMackDaddy said...

Give me Boots or Hearts and I will be set, that and 38 Years Old are by far my favorite two Hip songs
Well I think that there's a problem here
Her voice just don't sound right
But I left myself on her answering machine
Said, "I'm back in town tonight."
I feel I've stepped out of the wilderness
All squint-eyed and confused
But even babies raised by wolves
They exactly when they've been used

12:06 PM


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