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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Work, Work, Work...

Well I have been very busy lately here at work, I haven't even had any time to write a decent entry in my blog. Things are starting to cool down a bit, so I thought I would take some time and actually write something, even though all I want to do is link to a really interesting article.

So Friday night is going to be fun... The Tragically Hip are playing here in Saint John and a few of us are going. Troy was in T.O. to see them this weekend, apparently it was a good concert, maybe if he reads this he will post a small review. I really like the Hip and am looking forward to a great concert. The last time I saw them was here about 4 years ago, I think... Scott came over and I think we had a pretty good time, even though I had some sort of flu (not the brown bottle kind, either) and I was not the funnest that I have ever been...

Anyway, this time I am certain we will have a blast... A Friday night concert is always a good thing...

What can you do, they're all gone
And we'll go too.


Blogger ScottMackDaddy said...

When Hunter picks me up tomorrow am for the trip to Saint John we will be driving with this motto...No dress rehearsal, this is our life
Hip to be square!

9:05 PM


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