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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Race Requires...

some brains (I guess) and a lot of luck, but it looks like class is not important. I thought the race was really good last night, all of the teams seemed genuinely touched when they visited the Slave House. Obviously this affected Gus the most, but even Jonathan seemed to understand that this was an important moment and it deserved their respect.

When Don and Mary Jean needed money they couldn't bring themselves to ask the poor people around them to sacrifice a few dollars and the rest of the teams stepped up and did show class, I was impressed.

But then Kendra opened her mouth... twice, and then Jonathan went back to being his usual overbearing self. The end of the show was actually embarrassing, as far as I am concerned. First he cries and whines... "I can't do it Victoria..." and then when she is trying to lug 2 backpacks he goes off on her. Did anyone else see Jonathan actually push Victoria? I was hoping that Bolo was gonna show up just then and suplex him. Actually I would have preferred it if Lori had shown up and straightened him out, that would be good TV.

I guess it would be nice to win the game, a million dollars would be nice, too, but a guy that "drives a Ferrari" doesn't need it that bad, or maybe he does, who knows... And I was not happy to see Freddy and Kendra win the stage. Freddy is ok, I guess, but Kendra has no clue, imo, and her comments really rubbed me the wrong way. So I am officially cheering for Kris and Jon, they actually seem to like each other and they get along... what a concept...


Blogger Nameless Blogger said...

I cried a little bit when the old folks lost. I also laughed my ass off that the one guy who kept wanting to drink more beer. And yes I saw that guy push his wife. He needs to be arrested.

10:51 AM


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