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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Walter the Farting Dog

Ok, this sounds like something that would be right up my alley, but I didn't even know about it. Now it may become a major motion picture. Congrats to these guys from Fredericton, they will be striking it rich for sure. I guess they have already, the books are pretty popular.

And they say it isn't easy to write children's books? Come on, even Madonna has done it... So how about my ideas:

  1. Freddy the Flatulent Feline

  2. Iggy the Intoxicaded Iguana

  3. Cory the constipated Cat

I am not giving them all away, keep your eyes peeled, coming to a bookstore (or movie theatre) near you!


Blogger Krystle said...

That is unbelievable. Frickin' unbelievable. If I had kids....I'd buy it. LOL. Thank god I don't have kids... Oh and I think "Cory the Constipated Cat" was the best.

2:48 PM

Blogger Pete said...

Amazing what they will print, and I am not putting it down, all of the reviews are good.

It really makes me wonder if some of the warped ideas I have might actually make it into print someday...

Anyway, those titles were all in fun, I am holding on to the real ones just in case, I see something involving a gopher...

3:56 PM


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