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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Time for Pete to rant...

I am Pissed off! I ordered a dvd from FutureShop, it was a great sale and free shipping, sweet deal. I got a call from UPS last week asking me where the house was, I said that no one was home, can you please deliver it to Valley Computers (This is where all my parcels go when I am not home) Anyway, I did not know that Valley Computers does not accept UPS parcels. I called and asked them where the parcel was and they said that they had to refuse it and that it went to the Sameday depot in Saint John. I called them and they said that it went out for re-delivery and it just so happened that Jillian was home sick that day. Fine I thought she will get it. Anyway, that was Wednesday (I think) and still no parcel. So I called UPS today and they say that since the parcel was refused it was sent back to the original location, which is MISSISSAUGA, FREAKIN' ONTARIO. Thanks for the call UPS! What can Brown do for me?? Brown can go and suck!

Ok, the dust has settled, but I am still mad. How can the guy think that I would want my parcel sent back to Ontario? I would have gone and met the damn truck if he had of called back...

Now I have to wait God knows how long to watch the zany antics of the worlds greatest hero, Notch Johnson. Isn't that a kick in the old Groinal Ball Sack?


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