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Friday, July 23, 2004

Just some stuff

Been a whole week since I posted anything, why? because I am lazy. Anyway, some more crappy weather today, it is getting really depressing, summer is short enough without having to put up with this. Oh well, just holding out for that one nice week.

Had a really strange dream last night, for some reason a company that Troy was working for got him entered in a PGA golf tournament. I was his caddy. It was really weird because I kept taking off with his clubs because there was a wedding going on (not sure who's) but I wanted to go to the party :-) 

Anyway, when it was all done I saw Troy and I asked him how he did and he said that he was +3. Well for those who don't know that is a great score, especially for your first PGA event, and especially when your caddy keeps taking off with your clubs. Troy was playing with Greg Norman so maybe the Shark lent him some clubs.  I then asked him what his previous best score was and he said 78!?! Have you been holding out on us?

Anyway, the dream continued with Troy heading to the airport to leave for home, Troy lived in Toronto in my dream. So he gets on the plane, it is this old DC-10 sort of plane and there is something wrong with the plane so it is not going to take off. We are waiting for him to come back in to the terminal and he does not show. Jillian's dad (not sure why he was there) then informs us that Troy has decided to take a cab back to Toronto. We say wow, that must be expensive and Dave says, "Yeah, but his company is paying for it." I am not sure who this wonderful company was but Jeff was also entered in the tournament but we only knew this, we did not talk to him or see him play, that was the most realistic thing about the whole dream!~



Blogger ScottMackDaddy said...

Well if Jeff never spoke to us or called us it is definitely true to life.
Supposedly he comes back from jolly old England next week and we'll see if he has any good stories for us to knosh on.
Hunter couldn't shoot 78 over 12 holes much less 18!

11:18 AM


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