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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Stay tuned

Hi Everybody

Well I have run into a few computer problems at home, this usually happens to me when I take my computer apart and start adding or removing parts, I am really not sure why? ;-)

Oh well, I will get it fixed soon, I have some great pics I want to post... I may be bold enough to bring them here to work and get started tomorrow, it will be Friday, after all...

Til then stay tuned...


Blogger T-Roy said...

Pete, you are the high tech version of Handyman's corner. Slap some duct tape on 'er. She'll be as good as new.

7:19 PM

Blogger Pete said...

ha! I wish it was that easy... I swapped out a hard rive and all of a sudden I was getting an error saying Windows can't find such and such file , blah blah blah... When all else fails re-install Windows, what a great system Microsoft has going... At least I backed up everything thnis time ;-)

9:16 AM


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