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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Drinking a beer walking down Las Vegas Blvd.

Well we made it safe and sound, just found the internet cafe today. We are sipping on a coors lite as we write this, it is 33 C right now, yesterday was about 40 C... pretty sweet... We are only down about $40 on the slots right now, we will hit the tables tonight.

This is Pete's new bride, Jillian....we have walked off this morning's breakfast buffet already...the strip is a couple miles long, quite deceiving when you are wearing cute sandals. We have an awesome pool at the resort and we plan to spend a few hours lounging there later today. We are on our way to visit MGM Grand, New York, New York and maybe Mandalay Bay.

Tonight we are going to the Improv to watch Dat Phan (the winner from last year's Last Comic Standing)...we found $3 Let It Ride Poker tables for Pete at a cheesy little casino so I imagine that's where you can find us tonight.

Congrats to Scott and Janet on the birth of their daughter, I imagine she will be called little Carmelina Lebronna MacDonald??

We may or may not be able to post again, we will try to get back down here in the next day or so - Stay Tuned!!

Peter & Jillian


Blogger Reido said...

Hope you have a great time and don't lose too much money!

Win enough so that you can buy our softball team a new bat! We won't win again until we get a new one. We were robbed of at least 6 homers tonight because our bats have no po left.

Have fun. See you when you get back.

PS. the ctas didn't last 3 hours at your place. Maggie hid behind the water cooler and Della tried to run away accross the street. Going out to do laundry now. Later

8:47 PM

Blogger ScottMackDaddy said...

Wow, 3 dollar Let it Ride tables and Dat Phan all in the same day...personally I would be over heated, but I am just an old father so I don't know what is cooler then that!
Poured rain on all those fools who went to see Hootie and the McBoobs tonight...I spent the day at the hospital looking at my little Abby Olivia Carmelo, AND now gotta spend the next hour at work after being here for the last 6 hours of course.
Looking forward to hooking up with "The MacKinnons" and hearing about their trip.

12:19 AM


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