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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Reality TV

So there are a lot of "Reality" shows out right now and I was wondering what you all think of them... I can't claim to have seen them all and I know for sure I hate some of them (Big Brother), but I also think some of them are quite good, here is my top 5:

  1. The Amazing Race

  2. Survivor

  3. Last Comic Standing

  4. The Apprentice

  5. The Surreal Life

Pretty sad commentary when you think about it but I have nothing else to say today. At least Last Comic Standing takes some real talent (I am pulling for Gary) and The Amazing Race is also based on a certain skill/determination level... As for the others, well, I guess they have a little bit but for the most part they are just popularity contests.


Blogger ScottMackDaddy said...

Personally I think it stacks up like this:

1) Amazing Race
2) Apprentice
3) Survivor
4) The Real World (The MTV show that started the whole revolution towards non-scripted entertainment)
5) Last Comic Standing

Surreal Life is ok, but really besides Erik Estrada and Ron Jeremy there is not a single has been celeb on the 2nd one that I could care less about...the show really showed how big of an idiot Vanilla Ice is.

The Amazing Race is the most stressful hour of television I have ever watched...I remember in the first season actually gritting my teeth during the last 25 minutes if my fav team wasn't doing well...I just wish for once they would actually show the team come in (when they are trying to beat out another) and you think they are the 2nd to last team arriving and safe and then say "I'm sorry but you're the last team and eliminated".
Charla is growing on me this season, but that Mirna is an idiot...and the brothers Lance and Marshall are tools. The twins are dumb, but not as stupid as Chip...who names their child CHIP anyway?

Apprentice changed the way reality shows draw in people: no longer is it a gross-out stunt or hot chicks in bikinis, but a smart well put together show that brings out the best in people.

3:43 PM

Blogger Pete said...

Last night was a great night for Reality TV fans, the next-to-last episode of Last Comic Standing was great. I think all three guys were funny, I am really not sure who will win. The fianle is Thursday night and Dat Phan and Ralphie May will be returning to perform.

The Amazing Race was another good one, too. I do not like many of the contestants this time, and I was glad when Colin and Christie were not able to keep their 7 hour lead. After watching last night I have to really think that Mirna is a little crazy. Anyway, it makes for a fun show...

8:49 AM

Blogger Pete said...

So I just voted for Last Comic Standing, I was really torn because I liked all three from the start... When the show started I said that Alonzo would win but John Heffron was the sleeper... and I really didn't factor Gary into it at all. But Gary proved to be a real talent and he won two head to head match-ups, this really got me on his side... So the vote broke down like this for me, I gave Gary 2 votes and John 1 (you are allowed to vote 3 times). I figure that Gary really deserves it but John was really good as well, Alonzo just didn't quite blow me away last night, if he did he would have got the vote...

You can vote at: http://www.votenbc.com

11:29 AM


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