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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The Amazing Race

Did anyone watch the Amazing Race last night? Since Charla and Mirna were eliminated I thought it was going to get boring. Was I ever wrong. Colin decided to lose it over $100 cab ride in Kilimanjaro and he is lucky he didn't get thrown in jail. Who the heck argues with the police in Kilimanjaro? I was really hoping they would toss his sorry butt in the can. He really treated Chrisite poorly but the worst part was how she was blaming herself later on. A few episodes back Mirna (or Charla, I get the names mixed up) went off on Colin and called him domineering and she called Christie submissive. I thought she was crazy for making these comments but it turns out she was right. On the previews for next weeks show it shows him going off again. Can you imagine if you were his mother watching that?

I can't believe I am this caught up in a reality show but it is really good. Too bad you have to be a U.S. citizen to apply.


Blogger Krystle said...

I saw the episode before that one when the cop was telling Colin to get inside the station. I was thinking "Shut the F*ck up man! You want the shit beaten outta you!!??". Good thing he was on TV. Stupid ass....And that was my first and last experience with "The Amazing Race".

2:53 PM

Blogger Pete said...

You don't know what you are missing...

3:57 PM

Blogger ScottMackDaddy said...

Colin was lucky he didn't get thrown in the old hoosegow with his treatment of the cab driver...the guy actually looked like our resident lawsuit filer Noel Ayagama!
The taxi driver wasn't putting up with that crap no siree-bob
Rough luck with cabs and buses the last 2 weeks...Brandon and Nicole get screwed on the bus ride where they have to pay over 10 times what the other teams paid, and now Colin gets in crap due to his failing to pay.
The last few legs look like they will be tough ones...and there are 2 more non-elimination legs where somebody will lose their shirt.
Interestingly enough no one has used the Yield feature to screw over another team yet

12:52 AM


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