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Friday, August 20, 2004

What song are you listening to right now?

I always have my headphones on at work, I guess that's why I miss so many phone calls, wait a sec, nobody calls me anyway... ;-)

Anyway, I am just curious, so tell me what you are listening to right now...

Right now I am listening to Eric Clapton - Promises.


Blogger ScottMackDaddy said...

Well, at this very moment I am at work watching the Ravens and Eagles play with the sound turned off because of all these annoying calls that I get!
So really there is no music playing but the song in my head right now is "Rock-A-Bye Baby", and yes, I mean the kiddie one.
Abby has a little aquarium that plays the song and I have heard it so many times it is permeantly ingrained in my head.
I probably will not have the coolest answer for sure, but that is not what the post was about.

10:19 PM

Blogger Angela said...

Right now I am listening to Johnnie Lang's "Wander This
World". Awesome voice on this guy.

12:05 PM

Blogger Pete said...

Ahhh... Much better than Scott's listening preference...

Right now I am listening to The End - by The Doors...

12:05 PM

Blogger Christine said...

I have Jonny Lang in the CD player of the car but for some reason have It's A Small World stuck in my head. Help!

7:53 AM

Blogger Christine said...

I just figured out why I have It's a Small World in my head. Some idiot a few desks over has it as her mobile phone ring tone. Is that not an advertisement for selective breeding.

8:47 AM


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