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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

To Sneeze... Or Not To Sneeze...

I am not going to cry and complain because I have a cold. I am not looking for sympathy. But this is a strange one. I usually get a bad sinus cold each year, usually around Christmas. This year I made it through Christmas without a sniffle, but this past weekend the sinus bug caught up with me.

I medicated myself pretty well last night and I was a bit better til I went to bed. As soon as I layed down I was congested again... Oh well, old news, I am used to it. So I head off to work completely stuffed up. Itchy eyes and runny nose, all of the usual symptoms. But you know what feels best when you have a sinus cold? A great big sneeze. But for some reason today I CAN NOT sneeze!

Twice I thought I had it, my eyes started shaking and my mouth opened and... nothing... Oh well, maybe someone can give me a how to make yourself sneeze home remedy or something...


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