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Thursday, September 29, 2005

"Ice Hockey"

Do you ever go to hockey games? Do you find it a little chilly in the rink? The Toronto Maple Leafs have had a lot of issues with their ice and now they are trying out a new "Fast Ice" system... A funny quote by Wade Belak on the issue:
"Three years ago, they said they were going to lower the temperature of the concrete under the ice pad. We had good ice for four games, but it made the building a little cooler and of course everyone in the (lower bowl) platinums complained. They have to remember they're going to a hockey game, not the beach. I think if you can afford a platinum, you can afford to bring a jacket."
Good one Wade, I never knew you had it in you. A true statement though, it's hockey folks... If fans in Toronto are complaining imagine what the Hockey Savvy fans in places like Florida and Carolina must think...


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