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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Friday Night Lights...

So we went to see Friday Night Lights last night. What a movie. I had chills during the final scenes, the football was awesome, and the acting was superb. A must see for any football or sports movie fan, and anyone who appreciates a really well made movie.

The funny part about last night was we were the only people in the theatre. And I mean the whole theatre. The place we went to see the movie is old, it only shows two movies at a time. The other movie was something with Hillary Duff or Mandy Moore, I can't tell those two apart, anyway, there was nobody watching that one and we were the only ones at Friday Night Lights. It was kind of strange. I am sure the kids that were working there were cursing us because otherwise they probably would have went home early. We didn't care, though, it is really cool to have the whole theatre to yourself, especially the way people act at movies these days...


Blogger Christine said...

How does it compare to the greatest sports movie ever - Hoosiers?

10:35 AM

Blogger Pete said...

I have to say it is right up there with Hoosiers. It really has a similar feel, even though it is set in 1988. This movie is a bit more about the players and the town than the coach, even though the coach has a very important role. This is a true story, it was first a novel by H.G. Bissinger called "Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team and a Dream" - http://www.powells.com/cgi-bin/biblio?inkey=8-0306814250-0

Anyway, I am still partial to Hoosiers, so I would have to rate Friday Night Lights just behind it.

Another cool note, Roy Williams who now plays for my fav NFL team the Detroit Lions, attended Permian High School in Odessa Texas, the school that this book and movie are about.

11:35 AM


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