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Monday, October 25, 2004

A Fine Weekend...

Well we had a great weekend on PEI. It is always nice to go home and see friends and family. Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures, the weather was just fair, and Sunday we were feeling the effects of many beers and shots of Sour Puss...

Well, the Sox came through with two big wins, not time to get excited just yet, any true Boston fan holds out for the impending collapse, but we always have a flicker of hope at the back of our minds. Hopefully the win over the Yankees has ushered in a new era for the Sox. I see the Sox taking 1 of 3 in St. Louis and wrapping it up in game six back at Fenway.

I posted a great little joke the other day and it turned out to be a hit, so I figured I would post one more, and, of course, it is at the expense of the current president of the good ol' U.S. of A. Just a small disclaimer before I post this, I did not come up with this joke, and I did not come up with the previous one either, I was just re-posting it. I honestly forget where I saw these, but I am not trying to take credit for someone else's humour. Anyway, on to the joke:

Q: What is the difference between the Vietnam War and the Iraq War?

A: George W had a plan for getting out of the Vietnam War...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love it! That's the second time I've heard it today, too! Like your blog.

Michelle http://nervous.typepad.com

2:17 PM


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