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Thursday, September 30, 2004

You're Fired!

For those of us who watch The Apprentice the outcome of last nights show should have came as no surprise. Jennifer C. really had to go and even Trump said it was an easy decision. She really was bad as a project manager.

What I don't understand is this. (and this applies to just about every reality show out there) Don't they watch the show before they come on!?!? I mean really, would you not understand that you can't go against someone who actually did a good job just because you don't like them, especially when they didn't perform all that bad? I guess things would change once you got there but after watching the first season I think anyone would know that you are there for yourself... It's like the people on Survivor crying because they "never thought it would be so hard..." Just like all of the other idiots who came before.

So my advice to all of you would be reality show candidates is this - Watch the damn show before you go on there and make a complete fool of yourself!


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