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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Why, please tell me why???

Did Sly not get the message after 5 was such a dud? Why do you have to do this to poor old Rocky Balboa?
Stallone dons gloves for 'Rocky 6'


Blogger ScottMackDaddy said...

When I recently acquired the Rocky box set, I made sure that Rocky 5 did not dirty my hands because as far as I am concerned it never existed.
Stallone must be punch drunk from the Contender to think he can be an effective boxer or actor at his advancing age and slipping skills.
Stallone, do us all a favor and hang up the gloves...next thing we know he'll be trying to reinvent the Rambo franchise and Cobra II

3:20 PM

Blogger ScottMackDaddy said...

HA...I posted before I read the article and at the end it said he will be in Rambo 4.
Just a gut feeling...and my gut is feeling big these days

3:29 PM


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