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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

OK, Get Off My Back...

I know I didn't get a new site up last night, but I ... Err... Uhhh... Had technical difficulties, yeah, that's it, my dog ate my computer...and the power went out so it is not my fault. I do not procrastinate, I am an efficient worker, I do not jump from idea to idea without finishing the one

Oh, did anyone see Britney and that guy on the Ellen show yesterday? Jillian watches Ellen after work and sometimes I peek in to see what is going on. Anyway, Britney and her squeeze were on and they have got to be the stupidest people I have ever seen. Ellen couldn't even understand what they were saying most of the time, it was embarrassing. I must say, after seeing that Jessica Simpson is a Rhodes Scholar compared to Britney Spears.

So there may be a website for all the world to see tonight, unless there is an emergency, I mean things happen, right?


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