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Friday, April 15, 2005


So I played in my first "real" poker tournament last night. Labatt Blue is holding tournaments across Canada and the winner of each goes to Toronto, the winner of that tournament gets in to a real World Poker Tour event.

6 tables were set up for 8 players, and the event was set for two rounds. A total of 96 players. The 6 winners of round one would sit at a final table with the 6 winners of round 2. You had to get drawn to play. You had to buy a Blue to get a chip, the more chips you had the greater the chance of getting drawn. A great way for Labatt to sell a lot of Blue. The bar actually ran out, they had to get an order from the liquor store.

Anyway, I got drawn for round 1. To make a long story short, I was the first player eliminated from the tournament.

I consider myself to be a fairly decent player, my friends will back me up on this, I have won my fair share of games. Obviously last night was not my night. I let the time limit get to me and I played way too aggressive too early. I actually got decent cards a couple of times but was outflopped badly twice, and the one time I did have a good hand everyone folded. Oh well, it was fun to play in that sort of environment.

The winner of our table was a complete beginner, she had to ask the value of the chips almost every hand and she even talked on her cell phone through most of the game. It was killing guys when she caught three of a kind on the river twice. So my conclusion is this: A time limit game is all about luck. And this is not sour grapes cause I played badly... ;-)

On another note I got my second win today on Roll Up The Rim... Maybe my luck has changed...


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