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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Hostage... and Harping...

We went to see Hostage last night, Troy gives a good review here... We really liked it, lots of action, drama, some nice sublte plot twists and unexpected moments, overall a good show. That is the Hostage part.

Now comes the Harping part. I know I have mentioned this before and I know others have too, but I still am blown away by how people conduct themselves at the movies. Nothing too serious this time, but still, I just don't get it.

We arrived a little early and when we walked into the theatre we were the first people to arrive so we sat in the perfect seats in the middle, about 5 or 6 rows from the top. A girl came in a few minutes later and sat right at the back. A few more people came in and sat closer to the front, like most normal people do in an empty theatre. But then two more girls come in and they sit almost directly behind us and they start talking. No big deal, it is just the previews. Two guys come in just as the opening credits are rolling, you could hear them as they entered the hallway coming into the theatre, and, of course, they sit with the two girls right behind us. They continue to talk through the credits. Jillian said "lets move" but I figured they would stop when the movie actually started. To make a long story short we ended up moving to the aisle.

Anyway, we didn't let that ruin a cool show, but sometimes I just don't understand the movie talkers...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Totally agree!! Why do people pay 10 bucks to sit in a theater and talk. They can do that for free anywhere


2:27 PM


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