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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Upping the Ante...

So I took Jen's advice and I bought an extra large coffee this morning. Now I am full of caffeine and I won... nothing... Oh well, thanks for the tip Jen, I needed to shake things up a bit, but, unfortunately, I think Tim's is monitoring me with some sort of micro device that they slipped in my coffee a long time ago. I am their guinea pig. I can see them now in their evil laboratory laughing. Using me. Studying my every move. Saying things like:

"Why does he keep buying our coffee when he has no chance of winning?"

"Nice move planting that one donut, now he has a little glimmer of hope to cling to."

"We will break his spirit! and continue to take his money!"

I am a slave to the man. and the man's name is Tim, Tim Horton...


Blogger Angela said...

Hey Pete,

I buy extra large coffees from Tims all the time and I haven't won anything yet! So you are not the only one on the sucker list!

PS, next time you go by the house, drop in and meet the puppy.

9:33 AM

Blogger Pete said...

Will do... We already met Desoto over Christmas, he is a great dog...

11:28 AM


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