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Friday, October 15, 2004

Friday's Reality Recap...

Well another Friday is upon us and none too soon... Even though it was a short work week this weekend will be a welcome break from the daily routine. But of course last night was Survivor and The Apprentice so I must throw in my $0.02 about the results of last nights episodes.

First off Survivor. A little mix up of the tribes gave new life to some of the players. John K, for example, must have been overjoyed by this. I am pretty happy about it, too, because he is my player in our office pool. Anyway, Bubba really dug his own grave by trying to communicate with the other team when they got together for the first challenge, Ami noticed this and was none too pleased. This former Playboy model definitely prefers being in a tribe of women only. But Bubba made a fatal mistake and he payed for it. Rory will try to plead his case next week, perhaps he is crafty enough to stick around a while longer.

On to The Apprentice. The women definitely had the upper hand going into this challenge and they seized the opportunity and kicked the men's butts. Maria really shone here but I think she is a one-trick-pony and I can't imagine her lasting much longer. Elizabeth will be gone before her, though, she just doesn't know when to shut up. As for the guys they were in way over their heads, Chris must have been thanking his lucky stars that he had immunity this week, that allowed him to slack off and oogle the models while the other guys (except Kelly) fell on their faces. Raj is smart, but he needs to learn how to control his hormones if he wants to stick around. He also needs to learn when to shut up. If you go into the boardroom you do not open your mouth unless Trump asks you a question or if someone makes a comment that is directed towards you.

Anyway, when the smoke cleared John was fired. He made a huge mistake by not taking Wes into the boardroom. He really should have taken Wes and Kevin and left Andy out. That way Wes and Kevin could have fought among themselves and taken a bit of the heat from John. I think there was a good chance that Trump may have fired Wes because he was the one who jacked up the prices. But in the end Trump made the right call again, I think he really knows what he is doing...

I have said it before, and I will say it again. Anyone who is planning on trying out for one of theses shows - Watch the previous seasons first!!!


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