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Monday, July 04, 2005

OK, Kids, Back To Work...

after a great long weekend. Like the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. We really had a great weekend, the concerts were a lot of fun and we got to the beach yesterday and it was beautiful. The only bad thing was me forgetting rule #1 of the beach. I forgot to put sunscreen on my feet. I always put sunscreen on my feet. It is the first thing I usually do when we get to the beach. But, for some unknown reason I failed to do so this time. And now I have two well done feet. Oh well, another lesson learned.

Speaking of learning things, we finally found out what Christine has been doing with her "free time" the last few months. She has obviously been travelling the carnival circuit playing games and winning prizes. Not only did she destroy my wife in the "squirt water at the red dot and make the horses race to the end" game (where she won a gorgeous bear/wizard doll that mysteriosuly dissapeared), she also won the ultimate prize playing the "stand the bottle up with a fishing rod with a ring tied to the end of the line" game. Yes my friends, she won a Homer Simpson Doll. And, to make the weekend even way way way way way more awesomer, she gave the doll to me. Everyone was very happy about that.



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