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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Domaining/Blogging contest...

Who doesn't love a good contest?

Here are the details:

Here is the link

This contest will last for one month. Winners of all the prizes will be selected by a random draw on the 19th of June 2008. I am currently thinking that to help promote transparency of the contest, I will hold the contest draw live in a chatroom at either NamePros or DNForum or in a chat room installed on here at DNXpert.com. You can win more then one prize as long as you are eligible.

To be eligible for the contest you simply have to perform a set of actions as specified in the instructions below. As you go through the specified actions you gain entry points in the random draw pot. The more entry points you gain, the higher your probability of winning prizes. ( Please note that prize providers are not eligible to enter the contest so as to avoid any bias issues. )

During this contest month I will be revealing further clues on how you can gain more entry points to increase your winning probability even further.

Here are the prizes:


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