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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Are you as Lost as I am?

So they obviously get off The Island at some point... But when they do, do they go back in time? Or did they change time? Unless Jack is totally nuts - which is a possibility - or his father is still alive... Or maybe he just thinks that and nobody is bothering to tell him otherwise?

Also, where are Penny's guys? Remember Season 2 finale? We saw that she had a couple of dudes looking for Desmond, they get a reading on their equipment about some "Magnetic Anomaly" or something and they get pretty worked up and call Penny and say "It's us. I think we found it." So if Naomi and her crew are working for someone else where have Penny's dudes been all this time? We saw Penny in real time (supposedly) when she was chatting with Charlie (R.I.P.)...

So many questions and a whole Summer to wonder...


Blogger Christine said...

All the violence. I loved it. I didn't fully get the Kate and Jack in the future bit and I HATED Kate's makeup in the last scene. She looked weird.

Top 10 best violent moments of episode - edit as you see fit I am sure I missed some;

10. Locke kills Naomi
9. Sayid blows up TNT killing Losties
8. Bernard blows up TNT killing Losties
7. Rousseau elbows Ben in the face
6. Rose threatens to punch Jack in the face
5. Hurley runs over Roger
4. Sawyer shoots Tom
3. Desmond impales Mikhail with spear gun
2. Jack beats up Ben
1. Sayid breaks some random Other's neck with his legs

And Charlie getting the crap beaten out of him was fun but I think it would be disloyal to put it on the list.

8:04 PM


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